Energy Savings

Saving Money is now as easy as replacing a light bulb!

3 Foot LED tubes only use 12 watts vs. the fluorescents that use 32 watts each! The LED tubes fit in the same fixture bracket and they last for 80,000 hours vs. 15,000 hours for fluorescents. You won’t have to change the light bulb for 10 years!

The MATH Highlights:
At a kWh rate of 15 cents, with a 4 tube poster displays running 24/7, you spend over $168 per year on electricity for each display case!. With the retrofit kit, your annual operating cost is only $63. Save over $100 a year! - each year for a decade or more. On average the payback come in at 24-30 months

Each Retrofit Kit will save you $1000 or more!


Operating Savings

Get Started and Start Saving!

Average 10 screen theater has15 back lit Poster Displays - standard 4 tube fixtures.

Old Tech: $168/yr in electricity per frame x 15 frames =  $2,520/yr
LED: $63/yr x 15=      $ 945/yr
Annual Savings:    $1,575/yr

10 YEAR SAVINGS:   $15,750

5 Minute Install

(The drivers sit at base of frame.)

Each Kit comes with 4 tubes and
4 Power Supply ‘Drivers’.

The drivers have a patented clip system, so you just place the LED tubes into the existing brackets, clip in the drivers and then with a single pair of wire nuts connect to your power supply.

Saves Money / Helps Save the Planet

Please note that in addition to saving energy, every $1 saved in commercial electricity also saves 13lbs of CO2. This one theater alone will save over 200,000lbs of CO2.

LEDs for Cinema Poster Display Cases

THINK GREEN 4 Tube Retrofit Kit!

LEDs Actually Improve Light Quality

A look inside the case sheds some light on this new technology:

LEDs deliver more even light with less ‘banding’ than fluorescents

     Old Flourescent Tubes                New LED Tubes

The Meters also tell the story. At a viewing distance of 6 Feet from the case, the fluorescents generate 36 foot candles vs. the LEDs that generate 42. More light and more even distribution across the posters!

In the photo below, the cases are closed with the standard plexiglass panel that is slightly frosted to diffuse the light. These side by side images have been photographed with a highly sensitive camera lens. You can actually see the slight additional light emmiting around the inside of the frame with the LEDs.

    Old Fluorescent Tubes                New LED Tubes