Acoustical Wall Coverings



Alliance Wall Coverings: Durable, Cleanable, Long Lasting

These commercial wall coverings don’t lose their good looks by being used. They are cleanable, durable and long lasting because they hold up to abuse in ways that paint just cannot, extending the life cycle of the walls. Normal cleaning can be done with mild ingredients such as soap or detergent and water.

These wall coverings are also good at hiding unfortunate scrapes, nicks and scratches which are virtually hidden within the beauty and texture of the wall covering itself.

Noise reducing classic crepe brought to life with today's fresh colors.  Recommended for acoustical panels & walls.

See Alliance Swatch Card for color selection and specs. 


Tiara Wall Carpeting -

Impact resistant, flame retardant, easy to maintain, noise & reverberation reducing wall carpeting is the perfect wall covering for theaters, cinemas, & auditoriums.
See Information on Tiara Wall Panels.

See Tiara Swatch Card for color selection and specs.