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LED Lighting FAQ.s

How much money do the LEDs actually save?

LED bulbs deliver energy savings up to 80% on and therefore, commensurate lighting cost savings, all of which falls to the bottom line of the building's income statement. Building expense for lighting is typically $1/square foot. LED's can cut this expense by an average of 80%. Therefore a 100,000 square foot building could save $80,000. per year. Halogen and Metal-Halide high output bulbs may see a 90% savings while florescent tubes may provide a 60% savings. The savings are averaged out on a case by case basis.

Are LEDs better for the environment?  

Adoption of the LED retrofit program contributes significantly to the Sustainability Movement which is strongly supported by local, state, and federal government bodies. LED bulbs contain no mercury thereby obviating the big drawback with respect to conventional florescent bulbs as well as CFL bulbs and the CO 2 emissions reduction is equal to 13 lbs. of CO 2 for every dollar of electricity saved. This argument will have great appeal to those decision makers that are required to make their facilities "GREEN".

How long do LEDs last?

Our products last between 50,000 and 80,000 hours, which at 8 hours a day equates to about 17-27 years, which is 10 times as long as an incandescent bulb and more than twice as long as a fluorescent bulb

How will I know the LED lights are saving energy?

Besides a decrease in your utility bills, more advanced measurement and verification is part of the savings share contract.

Does the use of LEDs affect air conditioning cost?

YES! LED bulbs generate far less heat therefore reducing the cost of air conditioning.

What can I do with my old bulbs and fixtures?

Recycle them! We will take your bulbs and either make sure they get to the recycling yard or are donated for re-use.

Should I wait until my existing bulbs burn out to replace them with LEDs?

Although your bulbs may have a significant amount of life left in them, they are still burning up massive amounts of energy. With energy prices rising and an incredibly efficient solution available, phase outs are generally not recommended.

How do you install the new lights?

The overhead spot lamps screw directly into the existing screw fixtures. LED Tubes also fit into the existing fixtures and require a quick and easy ballast bypass.

Is there a warranty on the new lights?

Yes, the minimum warranty is 5 years.

How does the use of LEDs affect the value of my property?

Adoption of the LED retrofit program will increase the value of the property. For example, for every $50,000. in electricity saved, after applying a cap rate of 6%, the value of the property in question should increase by $300,000.

Why should I purchase my LEDs through Melfabco?

  • We offer free analysis/audit of their current lighting costs.
  • We offer a free savings report proposal that compares the current lighting expense to what the projected lighting expense would be after a LED retrofit.
  • Included in your proposal is a calculation of the payback period needed to recoup the cost of the LED bulbs and installation, often in the range of only 18 to 24  months, depending upon your specific bulb requirements, hours of usage, and cost per Kwh.
  • We will assist you in recovering the substantial bonus incentives available to you, in the form of rebates and tax deductions, thereby effectively  reducing the cost of purchasing LED bulbs and shortening the payback period.
  • We offer various attractive financing options to make this most affordable for you.

What are the financing options?

We offer flexible financing options, if required, including the $ 0 up front cost "savings share" program that requires absolutely no out of pocket expense and is paid back over time, strictly from the lighting cost savings.

How can I know how much I can save?

Click here for a self audit form.
Just fill it out and send back to us by email (melfabco@aol.com) or fax (201) 569-2828 for financial projections of your cost savings.