LED Lighting


Melfabco, Inc, has partnered with a number of LED manufacturers and installers to offer our clients the ability to substantially reduce their energy costs, saving  thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars each month. All of our manufacturers' products are approved by the Department of Energy.  We are committed to offering product lines of only the highest quality while maintaining competitive pricing. By using quality metrics established by Energystar and the Design Lights Consortium.our customers can reliably evaluate the quality of the LED technology in which they are investing.



LED Lighting for Cinemas

Melfabco has worked with a number of manufacturers to adapt their LED product offering to the needs of the cinema industry. Click here for information on how much money multiplex theatres can save and click here for information on Cinema Poster Lighting Kits.

$0 Cost Lighting Audits:

Measurement is the key to Management. We begin with your lighting schedules and reflected ceiling plans if necessary. Our Energy Audit includes a bulb-by-bulb breakdown and highlights the monthly, annual, and multi year roll-out operating costs and savings potential. Next step is to proceed with a 'Demo' installation and review of the Cash-Flow positive financing options.

Best of Breed Manufacturers

We work with industry leading manufacturers across the globe, and focus specifically on Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Solid State Lighting (SSL) products. We match the on-site light output, color temperature, and fixture with the right bulb. We are not limited to any manufacturers.

LED Quality Program

After years of research and experience within the industry we have developed the table of metrics below to guide in the selection of our products and to assure our customers  that they are buying a high-quality LED product. These metrics greatly increase the probability of utility and state incentive programs approving our product lines for
use in commercial buildings.


LED Chips

Area Of Focus


Preferred Metric
 Lumen Degradation  IESNA LM‐80  Chip Lifetime  L70 50,000 hours or more
 CCT  IESNA LM‐79  Color Temperature  (~+/‐6%)
 CRI  IESNA LM‐79  Color Rendering Capabilities  75-90 
 Color Spatial Uniformity  IESNA LM‐80  Color Variation  <.004 from the weighted average
point on the CIRE (u',v) diagram

LED Power Supplies

Area Of Focus


Preferred Metric
 Electrical Safety  CE  Electrical integrity/safety   CE Approved
 Electrical Safety  UL/ETL  Electrical integrity/safety   UL Listed or Approved by ETL
 Power Factor  IESNA LM-79  Efficiency of Power Use   >.9
 Output Operating Frequency
 Visible Flicker  >120 Hz
 Minimum Operating Temp.
 Electrical Integrity  ‐20 degrees celcius
 Off‐State Power
 Off‐State Power Consumption   Zero
 Transient Protection  IEEE C.62.41- 1991  Protection from transients   Class A operation


Area Of Focus


Preferred Metric
 Photometry Testing  IESNA LM-79  CRI, CCT, lm/w, PF  LM‐79 Complete
 Registered with Dept. Of Energy  Lighting Facts  Truth in Advertising  Lighting Fact Listed
 EnergyStar  EnergyStar  Overall Quality  Eligible Products Listed 
 Mercury Content  Rohs  Mercury Content   Zero Mercury Content
 Warranty  NA  Duration of Warranty  3 year minimum


Common Types of Bulbs, LED Replacements & Wattage Savings


Existing Light


LED Replacement
Watts % Savings
Metal Halide Wall Pack 250 LED SP 90 Wall Pack  30 88%
Candelabra 35 LED Candelabra 2 94%
Incandescent-60W 60 LED A-19 Lamp 8 87%
Low Bay-HID 250W 288 2 Tube-50 Watt LED Low Bay Fixture 50 83%
High Bay- HID 400W 465 4 Tube-100 Watt LED High Bay Fixture 100 78%
Incandescent Sphere 40 LED Sphere 8 80%
Halogen MR16-35W 50 LED MR16 6 88%
55W Halogen -PAR 20 50 LED PAR 20  8 84%
75W Halogen -PAR 30 50 LED PAR 30 15 70%
Incandescent-60W 90 Evolux LED  15 83%
Parking Fixture-250W 288 LED Tube Parking Fixture 50 83%
45W Halogen -PAR 30 45 LED PAR 30 15 67%
Fluorescent- 4' T12 45 LED 4' Linear Replacement 15 67%
Parking Fixture-175W 202 LED Tube Parking Fixture 36 82%
Parking Fixture-150W 176 LED Tube Parking Fixture 30 83%
Fluorescent 3ft T12 30 LED 3' Linear Replacement 12 60%
Fluorescent- 4' T8 35 LED 4' Linear Replacement 15 57%
Floodlight-400W 400 LED Flood Light 140 65%
Fluorescent- U-Tube T8 70 LED U-Tube Retrofit Kit 36 49%
Fluorescent- 2' T8 17 LED 2' Linear Replacement 9 47%

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