Why a Screening Room
in a Senior Care Facility?

Offer First Class Entertainment for Senior Residents

Whether it be first run movies or favorites from the “Old Days” -  your residents will look forward to
movie nights as special events to
be enjoyed in the comfort of “their” home.

Provide a Competitive Advantage for Your Facility

Residents and their family members select senior care facilities that offer a variety of entertainment options..

Validate Premium Pricing

Cinema screening rooms provide entertainment, convenience, and comfort much appreciated by upscale seniors.

Senior Care Screening Rooms



Senior Care Screening Rooms have special requirements


  • Auto-open larger entrance doors to facilitate walkers, wheelchairs

  • Seating access from both sides of each row


  • Enhanced Listening Devices

  • Captioning System

Fabrics / Carpeting

  • Anti-microbial attributes

  • Soil resistant

  • Flame-resistant materials

  • Slip resistant

  • Durable (made to resist high traffic of people using walkers, wheelchairs, rolling stretchers etc)


  • ADA Seating

  • Row spacing for access with canes and walkers

  • Design space for wheelchairs and scooters, equivalent to about 25% of total seating

Turnkey Delivery

For More Information on Melfabco Screening Rooms.

  • Theatre Design
  • Architectural Plans
  • Interior Design
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Seating
  • Fabric
  • Installation
  • Maintenance Program